REGULAR PACKAGE £145 - (Photoshoot, editing and all images as digital downloads)

Please see below for Individual Pricing. 

The list below is merely an indicator and shows just a basic range of options; I am more than happy to assist you with specific requirements, such as putting together a multi framed print or editing images to suit your needs.

With so many companies on the internet offering good value photo prints and products, and retail outlets offering on the spot printing, most people choose digital download options. 

This means that you might choose to pay £20 for a full resolution photograph (usually 4200px on the longest side) which can be used in any way you wish; order an unlimited number of prints in large sizes from any supplier, therefore if you wanted a few copies of the same print, the download option is most economical.

If you choose to order prints through this site, simply select the photo(s) and view the order options, make a payment using your credit or debit card, or paypal. You will receive your order in approximately 7 days. Although not shown as the list is endless, please ask if you would like to order a specific product, and also if you would prefer any image in black and white when not already shown.

Please ensure the final thumbnail shown when ordering is exactly how you wish the image to appear on your print using 'crop image' 

(sadiejanephotography cannot accept any responsibility for unsatisfactory items due to incorrect cropping - I am more than happy to assist you if  you are unsure)
Print size in inches Print size in cm Price £'s
1 Hour Photo shoot Home, Home studio or on Location 65.00
Professional Makeup Including airbrushing and lashes 50.00
Hair (Dry Styling) Straighten, Curl, Hair Up, Plait etc 25.00
Memory Stick   10.00
Photography/Personal Assistant per hour 10.00
Basic Photoshop Blemish Removal & Improved Skin Appearance (please request) inc.
Advanced Photoshop Anything other than the above (per image) 40.00
Large framed prints inc. 2hr shoot Various                                   (from) 175.00
6 x 4 inch print (15cm x 10cm) 11.00
7 x 5 inch print (18cm x 13cm) 13.00
7 x 5 inch print in mount

Overall size with mount is 23cm x 18cm

8 x 6 inch print (20cm x 15cm) 16.00
10 x 8 inch print (25cm x 20cm) 20.00
12 x 8 inch print (31cm x 20cm) 23.00
16 x 8 inch print (40cm x 20cm) 29.00
16 x 12 inch print (40 x 30.5cm) 32.00
5 x 5 inch square print (13 x 13cm) 11.00
8 x 8 inch square print (20 x 20cm) 15.00
10 x 10 inch square print (25 x 25cm) 20.00
Full resolution download 4200px For larger prints/products etc 20.00
Large resolution d/l 3200px For prints/products larger than 8" 15.00
Medium resolution d/l 2000px For prints/products up to 8" 10.00
Low resolution d/l 800px For web use 5.00
Low resolution download For social media use/watermarked 2.50
10 Full resolution images Memory stick 99.00
11 - 15 Full resolution images Memory stick 125.00
16 - 20 Full resolution images Memory stick 150.00

Photo Parties(Children's parties/Hen Nights, Girls Night; see section on parties for further information) 

With a mounted 7x5" print for each guest (price per person) 15.00






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